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Sunday Show Wrap-Up

7:06 AM, Jul 21, 2008 • By SONNY BUNCH
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The kids gloves were snugly on the Sunday morning talk shows this morning, as Democratic luminaries Barack Obama and Al Gore popped up on Face the Nation and Meet the Press, respectively.

Obama was "questioned" on the situation in Afghanistan, leading to this exchange:

Sen. OBAMA: Well, mission accomplished would be that we have stabilized Afghanistan, that the Afghan people are experiencing raising--rising standards of living, that we have made sure that we are disabling al-Qaeda and the Taliban so that they can no longer attack Afghanistan, they can no longer engage in attacks against targets in Pakistan and they can't target the United States or its allies.

LOGAN: So losing is not an option.

Sen. OBAMA: Losing is not an option when it comes to al-Qaeda, and it never has been. And that's why the fact that we engaged in a war of choice when we were not yet finished with that task was such a mistake.

You heard it on Face the Nation first: Obama has taken a brave stand against losing. Unless, of course, the nation is Iraq. Then it's okay.

Al Gore, environmental hero, was on Meet the Press and fawned over by Tom Brokaw. This was the toughest question asked by our fearless host:

Let me ask you about your personal lifestyle, because it's been the subject of a lot of dialogue on the blogs, as you know. You and Tipper have bought a big home outside of Nashville, and you had it retrofitted. But for a time there was a comparison between what the president has in Texas at his home as being more environmentally correct than your home. The Building Green Council gave you its second highest award. But Stephen Smith, who is with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, is troubled by the scale of your home. He said, "We all need to evaluate what we ... need in square footage." Present company included. We all have to look at scale, don't we? Why was it necessary for you to have a 10,000 square foot home? Because that is going to be more energy intensive than a smaller home for just the two of you.

Note: It's wrong to criticize Gore without pointing out that he's "retrofitted" his house, won an important green award, and that the controversy exists only in that dirty little world of the blogs. The more enlightened section of the media, however, knows that Gore is doing his best.

Getting back to reality, Fox News Sunday talked to joint chiefs of staff Adm. Michael Mullen, who had this to say about setting timelines. "When I have discussions with commanders on the ground, and I did a couple of weeks ago, they are very very adamant about continuing progress, about making decisions based on what's actually happening in the battle space, and I just think that's prudent. That's served us very well--certainly since the surge, which has been very successful--and I think will continue to serve us well based on the overall conditions I see in Iraq right now."