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The Facebook Candidate's Achilles Heel

5:15 PM, Jul 7, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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Have you heard? Obama is the Facebook candidate. He has created an entire network of supporters online. You know, on the Internet thing. Obama is to presidential candidates what the iPhone is to cell-phones. Sleek. Cool. A dream to hold. His hippest fans even edit their profiles and take on his scary-sounding middle name. One explains, "we're all Hussein now."

There lies a vulnerability for his campaign. We are not all Hussein now, and Obama knows he can't win if his intellectually handicapped supporters are shouting, "Hussein! Hussein!!!," from the South Lawn of the White House up to the portico. Obama's flip-flops won't be enough to deliver the race to John McCain. If he pulls it out, it will be because Obama's words are empty and his ideas are that of a doctrinaire liberal. The youth who feel personally invested in his campaign will jump ship because of the former, and the rest of America because of the latter.