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Biden's Better Case for Obama

9:45 AM, Aug 28, 2008 • By TERRY EASTLAND
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Joe Biden gave a speech in which-in contrast to Bill Clinton's -Barack Obama is an actor. He makes choices and does important things from the time he is a young adult to the present. Instead of choosing Wall Street after college, he goes to Chicago, and he makes the lives of poor people the work of his life. Later, as a state senator, he fights for health care for parents and children in Illinois who don't have it. "He got it done," said Biden. When Obama arrives in the U.S. Senate, he hits the ground running. He fights for ethics reform. He reaches across party lines to pass a law to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. He moves Congress and the president to give our veterans better health care.

In truth, Biden didn't have a lot to work with. Obama's résumé is thin (just three accomplishments from his time in the Senate). But, in contrast to Clinton, Biden at least tried to present Obama in terms of what he's done. Biden's argument was that because he "got it done in the past, he can get it done in the future, the issues being much more important, of course. You can expect Biden to keep pitching Obama in this way. Just as you can expect him to continue to attack John McCain as directly as he did and in his strongest areas, foreign policy and national security.

By the way, Biden failed to bring up the little matter of the surge, on which Obama was wrong and McCain was right. This will surely draw a sharp response from the McCain campaign.