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Convention Politics Up Close

9:56 PM, Aug 25, 2008 • By TERRY EASTLAND
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Inside the Pepsi Center, sitting in a close-down row, I think I'm seeing Carmelo Anthony out there on the court. I think I see him muscling in for a leaner from about 12 feet, with a bunch of bodies sliding in for maybe a rebound. But no such luck. I'm at the Democratic Convention, not at a Denver Nuggets basketball game, and the people down there and around and above me aren't playing ball but Convention Politics, I guess you could call it. As I remember from watching the Democrats in Boston four years ago, they do this real well, even if they go on to lose on Election Day. Just now they've been playing all kinds of music that your scribe doesn't know the words to. They've swung posters on behalf of the change we've been waiting for, and they've been waiving American flags. Not German flags, mind you, and not flags of the world, for our fellow citizens of the world. This place is just now hearing from Ted Kennedy, this being the night of special tribute to him, and the crowd is excited, it's up. Convention Politics is almost better (though here Barack might disagree) than a basketball game.