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Desperate Dems Distort Donations

11:38 AM, Aug 22, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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Remember on Saturday when the DNC reported taking in more money in July than the RNC? Turns out that's untrue. Although an e-mail Saturday from Karen Finney, the DNC's director of communications, said Democratic National Committee raised $27.7 million, FEC reports show that the Democrats only took in $19.9 million, or nearly $8 million less than it claimed, compared to the RNC's $25.8 million.

Looking at contributions or cash on hand, the disparity grows even wider. The RNC received $16,422,000 in contributions while the DNC only took in $7,348,000 -- less than half the RNC's total. The RNC has $75 million cash on hand to the DNC's puny $7 million. The media loved reporting that Obama took in nearly twice McCain's sum in July, but how many will now report the RNC took in more than twice the DNC in contributions?