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Try Credo Mobile!

2:35 PM, Aug 22, 2008 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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Are you a right-thinking progressive appalled by the world George W. Bush has created? Are you tired of having Republican corporate pigs like AT&T profit from your text messages? Then try Credo Mobile!

That's the pitch Credo Mobile is making. Billing itself as a company that supports progressive values, Credo promises to donate 1 percent of your charges to progressive groups. In an email pitch they sent around this week, Credo takes after the other wireless companies--AT&T in particular--as being proponents of "Karl Rove's values."

One side note: Yesterday I stumbled on an event scheduled for Denver called Unconventional '08. It's an indie rock concert organized in partnership with the Obama-worship project Manifest Hope.

The concert is being sponsored by a number of organizations, including And AT&T.

Is there no end to the dastardly tricks these corporations will employ to confuse good-hearted progressives!