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A Time for Grown-ups

8:11 PM, Sep 22, 2008 • By DEAN BARNETT
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All of the preceding is what makes Ruffini's essay so disquieting. Just as there are Republicans crassly calculating how they can leverage the current situation to their political advantage, there are obviously Democrats doing the same (although I'm not aware of any who have been so silly as to say so publicly). Fortunately, the grown-ups in both parties have controlled the situation. If the grown-ups decide this situation has become a political opportunity rather than a legitimate national emergency, we'll all have a problem - "problem" here being a mild euphemism for an economic disaster.

None of the foregoing means there aren't legitimate areas of difference that members of congress (and those of us who write about them) should hash out in the coming days. But anyone who comes to the party without a first priority of staving off panic and saving the credit markets should be turned away at the door.