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Accessorize Your Right to Vote

2:54 PM, Sep 24, 2008 • By SAMANTHA SAULT
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Rather than simply donate money to a campaign, you can purchase an accessory from a company that gives part of the proceeds to your candidate or political party.

Designer BYLU created chunky, colored enamel bracelets stamped with gold graffiti-style "Obama '08." The bracelets cost $100 each and $50 from each purchase will be donated to the Obama campaign. While the red, white, and blue bangles are chic and patriotic, a large accessory emblazoned with your political candidate won't be too stylish after November 4, no matter who wins.


And if you're a McCain-Palin supporter, you can buy lipstick and other trinkets from Pit Bull Mom, a company inspired by "a woman with beliefs so strong that a Pit Bull really is the closest comparison. A woman whose determination and strength resonated in a vibrant, empowering way. A woman who loves God, her country and her family." The lipsticks retail for $9.99 and Pit Bull Mom will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Republican Party and the Special Olympics. While I commend the company for supporting a Republican candidate (which is rare in the fashion and beauty world), I unfortunately can't see stylish Sarah Palin wearing either the 80s-esque Pale N' Pink or the garish fuchsia Republican Red lipsticks.


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