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Bush and History

11:22 AM, Sep 4, 2008 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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Oliver Kamm is always worth reading:

The isolationist Governor of Texas who called, in the 2000 presidential debates, for the withdrawal of US forces from the Balkans - which was one reason I strongly favoured Gore in that election - also shifted markedly in office. But he not only adapted to changing circumstances, he also attempted to understand them and anticipate future threats. Whether or not you approve of him, you should not underestimate him.

When George H.W. Bush entered the convention hall here in St. Paul the other night, the audience burst into sustained applause. H.W. Bush was never a favorite of conservatives, but they were cheering him lustily. The media, too, has altered its perception of Bush, from an out-of-touch elitist to a president who had substantive achievements, especially in the area of foreign policy. When it comes to political perceptions, reversals can happen quickly. Which is why, though he missed this convention, you can expect George W. Bush to be greeted with a standing ovation at the RNC when Sarah Palin runs for reelection in 2016.