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Dobson on the Palin Pregnancy

3:33 PM, Sep 1, 2008 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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If anyone in the media is expecting any leader of the religious right to say that Bristol Palin's pregnancy casts shame upon her family, they're not going to get it. James Dobson has not always been known to make refined remarks, but he just made a very poignant statement in defense of the Palins that, I think, is a reflection of what is in the hearts and minds of the thousands of pro-lifers who fund and staff the crisis pregnancy centers that help women choose life:

"In the 32-year history of Focus on the Family, we have offered prayer, counseling and resource assistance to tens of thousands of parents and children in the same situation the Palins are now facing. We have always encouraged the parents to love and support their children and always advised the girls to see their pregnancies through, even though there will of course be challenges along the way. That is what the Palins are doing, and they should be commended once again for not just talking about their pro-life and pro-family values, but living them out even in the midst of trying circumstances.

"Being a Christian does not mean you're perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect. But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord. I've been the beneficiary of that forgiveness and restoration in my own life countless times, as I'm sure the Palins have.

"The media are already trying to spin this as evidence Gov. Palin is a 'hypocrite,' but all it really means is that she and her family are human. They are in my prayers and those of millions of Americans."

And if you've ever been confused about what it means to support a "culture of life" please read Ed Morrissey's very personal and moving story: "We have walked in the Palins' shoes."