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I Can't Help But Agree With Markos

10:38 AM, Sep 23, 2008 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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"If something stupid can be said, you can believe someone on Daily Kos has said it." - Markos Moulitsas, founder of

The founder of the biggest liberal blog on the 'Net, often a breeding ground for smears, conspiracy theories and alleged astroturfing, admitted what many blogosphere observers have been saying for years. The quote came from Moulitsas via IM in response to a Talking Points Memo item about a McCain fundraising e-mail, which accused "Obama-Biden Democrats" of attacking Palin and her family.

In their defense of the charge, the McCain campaign offered to TPM, among other things, the recent Daily Kos conspiracy-mongering about Trig, Sarah Palin's 5-month-old baby. Several Daily Kos bloggers alleged Sarah Palin had actually faked her pregnancy to cover for her 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy. The theory was based on news reports and pictures of the governor looking fairly trim throughout her pregnancy. The Palin family later announced the very real pregnancy of Bristol Palin, who is set to marry her boyfriend and father of the baby, to head off such rumors.

The McCain campaign also mentioned Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan's perpetuation of the rumor and Howard Gutman's questioning of Palin's parenting ability as justifications for the e-mail's charge.

Markos responded to the McCain campaign by saying "stupid" things show up on all community sites, including the conservative Free Republic. The last sentence of his retort will live on just like his famous 2004 denunciation of Blackwater "mercenaries" killed in Fallujah in 2004 ("Screw 'em.") and is further evidence that folks on the right are fortunate this guy's political instincts are a force within the Democratic Party.