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2:37 PM, Sep 1, 2008 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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It's otherwise known as logorrhea - "excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness." Named after its most famous sufferer, the senior senator from Delaware. Chance of a cure: nil.

[T]he weekend offered Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden one of their first opportunities to spend an extended period of time settling into their new marriage. At every stop, the two men greeted their audiences together. As Mr. Biden offered the opening remarks, Mr. Obama stood at his side and looked out into the audience, applauding and smiling.

If the introductory speech lingered, as it began to do on Saturday evening on a high school football field in Dublin, Ohio, Mr. Obama began shifting back and forth. Soon, his feet were moving in a small circle on the stage, while a cheering audience of nearly 20,000 people waited.

When a stopwatch of Mr. Biden's speech hit 8 minutes, 21 seconds, he turned to Mr. Obama and lowered his head. His words, intended to be a whisper, were caught by the open microphone.

"I think I should let you go and not do the rest of this, don't you think?" asked Mr. Biden, who had several pages of a printed speech remaining to be read.

Mr. Obama nodded.

How long before Obama regrets his choice for veep? Probably not much longer than it takes Biden to interrupt his new boss in this 60 Minutes interview.