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Palin Losing the Vital PETA Vote in Toledo?

12:29 PM, Sep 12, 2008 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Via Ben Smith, Defenders of Wildlife has this new ad:

The ad's narrator says that Sarah Palin "promotes brutal and unethical aerial hunting of wolves and other wildlife. Using a low flying plane, they kill in winter when there is no way to escape." How is aerial hunting in winter more "brutal" or "unethical" than any other kind of hunting? In the summer, are the wolves somehow able to get in their own planes, pick up rifles, and shoot back at hunters?

Furthermore, the program of culling wolves in Alaska is designed to keep these predators from killing too many moose and caribou. The Defenders of Wildlife must think that the life of one wolf is worth much more than the life of a caribou or a moose.

Lastly, why is the ad airing in Toledo, Ohio? Wouldn't it make slightly more sense to air an animal-rights ad in, say, Denver, than the state where John Kerry felt the need to go goose hunting?

Update: More from Allahpundit. The program has killed 124 wolves; "Estimated number of wildlife saved thus far: 1,500 moose and 3,000 caribou."