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Safe, Legal and Frequent

11:45 AM, Sep 11, 2008 • By SAMANTHA SAULT
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The Los Angeles Times reports today that Canadian Dr. Andre Lalonde, executive vice president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Ottawa, is worried that more women might choose to keep rather than abort their Down syndrome babies when they see Sarah Palin with Trig. The doctor is "expressing concerns" that "a prominent public role model as the governor of Alaska and potential vice president of the United States completing a Down syndrome pregnancy may prompt other women to make the same decision against abortion because of that genetic abnormality. And thereby reduce the number of abortions."

And that's a bad thing, doctor?

He claims that many women aren't "prepared to deal with the consequences" of raising a Down syndrome child. The doctor is probably right that more women will decide to carry to term their Down syndrome babies when they see photos like this one--a busy governor and vice-presidential candidate with four other children and a grandchild on the way, joyfully "dealing" with the "consequences" just fine.