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The Not-So-Nice "Munchie Police"

4:00 PM, Sep 1, 2008 • By KARI BARBIC
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"Minnesota nice" is truly no myth. The members of the press have had a more than welcoming reception from the moment we stepped off our planes at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport where we were greeted by a small army of local volunteers passing out snack boxes for all RNC visitors. Unfortunately personal snack packs are not so welcome at the St. Paul River Centre (site of the press workspace for the RNC). As the National Journal's Convention Daily notes the "Munchie Police" are out in force at the RNC this week. Beware.

"Here's a sure way to piss off the press: Take away their Diet Coke and Goldfish. GOP convention organizers informed the media in a curt note last week that munchies and drinks brought from outside are verboten and that all food and beverages must be purchased from Wildside Caterers. Even worse, they conducted a media workspace search for illicit foodstuffs on Thursday. 'Any product not purchased through Wildside Caterers will be removed and stored until the end of the event,' the missive warned. We find this (crunch, munch) unjustified intrusion to be (slurp) highly annoying and (gulp) uncalled for (urp)."

TWS is defending a dwindling supply of candy and pretzels, but we're no match for the catering force. If pressed, we may have to abandon the Twizzlers.