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Weekly Standard Video: Congressman Kevin McCarthy

7:17 PM, Sep 2, 2008 • By SAMANTHA SAULT
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Yesterday in St. Paul, Republican National Convention platform chair Congressman Kevin McCarthy presented the official GOP platform, which was created with input from thousands of Americans.

Kevin McCarthy is a freshman congressman from Bakersfield, California. Last year, I profiled him in THE WEEKLY STANDARD as part of the "Young Guns of the House GOP" package, which also featured congressmen Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor. After his speech on the convention floor, I caught up with him in the Xcel Center:

Click on the video to watch it in high quality on YouTube. And check back tomorrow for more convention footage!

By the way, Catherine and I would like to thank's Dan Hayes and the Examiner's Mary Katharine Ham for their much-needed help and advice on all things web video.