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Better Late than Never

2:00 PM, Oct 13, 2008 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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McCain's remarks on health care in his speech today are worth highlighting: "I will provide every single American family with a $5000 refundable tax credit to help them purchase insurance. Workers who already have health care insurance from their employers will keep it and have more money to cover costs. Workers who don't have health insurance can use it to find a policy anywhere in this country to meet their basic needs."

I'm told this is the first time that McCain has made the point that you can keep your employer-based insurance under his plan. As Yuval Levin writes in this week's issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Obama and his campaign have been dishonestly implying that

McCain's plan would unravel the system and cause workers to be dropped from their employers' health plans. "Twenty million of you will be dropped," Joe Biden said in the vice presidential debate. In fact, the McCain plan does not alter the basic financial incentives facing employers. Workers might choose to leave employer coverage, but the McCain plan would not force them out.