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Brady Quinn, Joe Thomas Suprise the Crowd in Cleveland

5:34 PM, Oct 8, 2008 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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Strongsville, Ohio -- Before a joint rally here this afternoon featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin, the crowd spontaneously broke into chants of "Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!" Lots of random "We Love You Sarah" shouts from the crowd. Many of the women in attendance are sporting large black buttons with red lettering, saying: "Read my lipstick." As Cindy McCain introduces the two speakers Palin looks into the crowd, winking.

She opened her speech with a reference to the Cleveland Browns, and after the crowd barked its approval -- in a way familiar to anyone who has seen Browns play. And at the end of her remarks, she introduced Joe Thomas, the starting left tackle for the Browns (and a Pro-Bowler in his rookie year, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin) and Brady Quinn, the backup quarterback for the Browns (who should soon be the starter). "We need heroes like this," Quinn said, pointing to John McCain. "We need heroes to inspire us to remind us that we are the greatest nation. Senator McCain embodies the American spirit."