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Palin Raises the Roof on SNL

12:12 PM, Oct 19, 2008 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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You can tell she's a Republican. They were meaner to her than they have been to other candidates- Alec Baldwin calling her "that horrible woman"- and did little to lift her up aside from Alec Baldwin calling her "way hotter in person." Palin performed very well, though, reacting appropriately to Baldwin's razzing rather than standing there vacantly, as most politicians would. Her close on "Weekend Update" is also expertly done. Anyone can say what they will about her- the woman is a performer.

They should have done her a solid by adding a "spreading the wealth" joke that would have played to her political strengths. It's the least they can do for pounding on her.

The rap is funny, ridiculous, SNL fare, and Palin does Republicans proud by finding the beat as she dances along and "raising the roof" more than respectably. The reaction moment when Fey and Palin cross paths in the first scene is totally wasted, but that's SNL's fault for not writing it longer.

Despite the legendary "cool" quotient of Democratic candidates, McCain and Palin perform worlds better than either the stilted Hillary or the humorless Obama have on SNL. I bet even Fey would have to admit it after last night.