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Video: McCain Supporters Confront Bigots at Rally

5:18 PM, Oct 20, 2008 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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After watching Penn State cream the Wisconsin Badgers a couple Saturdays ago, I caught the local DC metro newscast (which covers Northern Virginia) for perhaps the first time ever. In the two minutes the program dedicated to the presidential campaign, the news anchor slipped in the critical facts that someone had yelled "terrorist" in reference to Obama at a McCain rally and that McCain had shifted from his series of "personal attacks."

Now, the American News Project has a video of McCain supporters confronting a couple of nutjobs preaching the "Obama's a Secret Muslim" line at a McCain rally in Woodbridge, Va. Hopefully this video will help put to rest the notion that McCain rallies have a disproportionate number of crazy people. But for some reason, I doubt it will get much, if any, air time.

(Hat tip: Ben Smith.)