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The McCain-Palin Outbursts the Press Won't Report

2:53 PM, Oct 13, 2008 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Wilmington, N.C.- The press I'm sitting near is atwitter about a lone sign found outside, leaning against a planter, that mentioned Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden.

No such signs made it inside, as far as I could tell, and the rally was standard, patriotic fare, as McCain-Palin fans chanted "U-S-A" and "John McCain."

Cindy McCain started off with a crowd pleaser, referencing a "Read my lipstick" sign in the stands, saying "I'm wearing lipstick, too. I love it." Someone shouted, "Lipstick!"

As McCain began his remarks, a woman shouted, "Fight back, John!"

McCain listed many of the nation's challenges, referring to these as "hard times," and someone in the audience shouted, "That's why we need you!"

"We have to fight and we will fight, my friends," he said to a shout of "Thank you!"

As McCain talked about his desire to keep taxes low for small businesses, a man shouted, "God bless you!"

He delivered a line about not sending $700 billion to countries that don't like us very much, and was overwhelmed by "Drill, baby, drill," and stomping.

When McCain went over the state of the race, and the national media writing the campaign off, the media earned the biggest boo of the day, while supporters shouted, "You're a fighter, John!," and "You're a hero!"

McCain closed by imploring voters to fight for their country, to be courageous, and not to give up, and a woman shouted, "Freedom!"

Scary, angry, mob-like stuff, this.