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Video Library: The Case Against Obama, In His Own Words

1:23 PM, Oct 21, 2008 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Guy Benson, Ed Morrissey and I decided it was time to put together a one-stop shop for legitimate, sober arguments against Obama.

At Hot Air, Ed is hosting the finished product, which I encourage you to send to allies to arm them, and skeptics to convince them. We've addressed abortion, taxes, foreign policy, disdain for small-town America, radical associations (yes, including Rev. Jeremiah Wright), and lack of concrete accomplishments, with plenty of links and lots of video.

Below are the videos I produced, using Obama's own words as often as I could, to illustrate his troublesome positions on all these issues. I tried to be fair and entertaining. I tried not to take his frequent spin at face value, but I also tried not to take him out of context. Luckily, he makes the case against himself without manipulation, and I hope folks will find selections from this little library useful in sending to friends as we go down to the wire. Below the fold are all the videos (each about 1-2 min):