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Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State?

11:12 AM, Nov 14, 2008 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The first appeasement:

One source close to Hillary Clinton tells CNN that as of early yesterday, Senator Clinton had not been contacted by the transition team about a possible cabinet appointment. This same source tells CNN that Senator Clinton would not necessarily dismiss such an offer.

Obama would probably do well to repair what close Clinton associates describe as relationship that's "not friendly," seemingly unaware of the fact that it doesn't take a close associate to see that. He reportedly invited her to Chicago this week for a talk about possible cabinet positions.

Meanwhile, with the election good and won, the media can go back to conceding that in fact John McCain is not very much like George Bush. In a discussion of Hillary's future in the party:

Clinton may be constrained from stepping out by the fact that her party is in power at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. Taking on her party in the manner that John McCain so often did in the early years of George W. Bush's first term is not, friends say, her way of doing business. "In retrospect, [McCain's] 2000-2002 persona was the result of personal pique, positioning himself as the Democrats' favorite Republican," says a Clinton adviser. "That's not the role she wants to play. That's the last thing she wants to do."