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Keep Barney

12:59 PM, Nov 7, 2008 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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As President-elect Obama told the world on Election Day, his girls will finally get that puppy they've been wanting for so long. (Even though Obama's daughter Malia has allergies.)

The selection of the presidential pooch is no laughing matter. Obama must demonstrate his commitment to change while also reaching across the aisle. Lucky for him, I have the perfect solution. Let Malia and Sasha pick out the pup they desire. There's your change. But also keep Barney, the Bush family dog. There's your bipartisanship and continuity in a turbulent world.

Barney is, after all, probably the most popular member of the Bush administration right now. He's spunky. And he likes to showboat for the press. America deserves better than to see him go back to Texas.