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Big Hollywood

10:05 AM, Dec 9, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The Hill reports on the coming of Big Hollywood:

After playing supporting roles to big names in media and politics, Andrew Breitbart is poised to become the protagonist in his own story.

The publisher of the online news aggregator helped launch and run two of today's most influential media and political punditry websites, Arianna Huffington's left-leaning The Huffington Post and Matt Drudge's right-leaning Drudge Report....

Now the politically conservative Breitbart, 39, will debut his own collection of original material in his Big Hollywood group blog, a new home for right-of-center voices that want to sound off on the interplay of popular culture and politics.

Breitbart is what Malcolm Gladwell would call a connector -- one of those people who knows everybody in the conservative universe and can make things happen by putting the right people in touch with each other. He also happens to be an extremely talented internetist. All of which makes him the perfect guy to start something like a conservative version of the Huffington Post.

The discrepancy between the right and left online became fairly obvious during this last election, and the Huffington Post, along with sites like Talking Points Memo, played a big part in the Democrats' advantage. Breitbart's new site may be the first big step toward closing that gap by mixing partisan writing and reporting with constantly updated news and the occasional controversial commentary. It's the kind of website members of the press might feel compelled to bookmark and read regularly alongside their usual fare of Daily Kos and the Nation.

Conservatives will be hoping Big Hollywood is a big success.