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11:12 AM, Dec 1, 2008 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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It's time to play Spot the Policy!

The game is simple. First, read Fareed Zakaria's Newsweek cover story this week (guess who's on the cover?).

Next, be impressed by sentences like "[Obama] must have his administration build a broader framework through which to view the world and America's relations with it" and "the objective of the United States should be to stabilize the current global order and to create mechanisms through which change - the rise of new powers, economic turmoil, the challenge of subnational groups like al Qaeda - can be accomodated without overturning the international order."

Finally, try to identify a single concrete policy of Zakaria's that would help Obama fashion America's "new grand strategy." There are hints of policies - Zakaria seems to want more G20 meetings, and says, "Were [Obama] to go to Tehran ... he would probably draw a crowd of millions, far larger than any mullah could ever dream of" - but even these aren't enough to forge a "new set of ideas and institutions - an architecture of peace for the 21st century that would bring stability, prosperity and dignity to the lives of billions of people." Let me know what you come up with.