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Gay Bishop May Pray to the "God of Our Many Understandings" at Inaugural Event

10:29 AM, Jan 13, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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As a sop to the left, Obama has chosen Gene Robinson, the gay Episcopal bishop from Planned Parenthood, er, New Hampshire to deliver a prayer at an inaugural event featuring musical performances by Shakira, Usher, Sheryl Crow, and many more.

Robinson, who called Obama's selection of Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation "a slap in the face," tells the New York Times that he may bless this most sacred occasion with a prayer to the "god of our many understandings":

Bishop Robinson said he had been reading inaugural prayers through history and was "horrified" at how "specifically and aggressively Christian they were."

"I am very clear," he said, "that this will not be a Christian prayer, and I won't be quoting Scripture or anything like that. The texts that I hold as sacred are not sacred texts for all Americans, and I want all people to feel that this is their prayer."

Bishop Robinson said he might address the prayer to "the God of our many understandings," language that he said he learned from the 12-step program he attended for his alcohol addiction.

Now, I'm far from "horrified" at Robinson's choosing to deliver a nonsectarian prayer, but did it ever occur to the bishop that invoking the "god of our many understandings" appeals to a narrow segment of society comprised mainly of Unitarians, members of the religious left, and New Agey types? I'm sure more people will "feel" Warren's prayer is "their prayer".

If Robinson wants to be more inclusive, he could just stick with Nature's God--that hasn't seemed to have offended too many people in the past 200 years. Or, if he really wants "all people to feel that this is their prayer" he should probably offer up his prayer to the god or gods who may or may not exist.