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Guardian: Nizar Rayan, Political Leader: 1959-2009

5:05 PM, Jan 4, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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If you're concerned about the dwindling vital signs of Western culture in Britain, pull out the defibrilator, stat.

A national British TV station allowed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to give its alternative Christmas message.

The Guardian is now eulogizing terrorist leaders in official "obituaries" chock-full of euphemisms and moral equivalence. Not news stories, but obituaries.

In the Guardian's estimation, Nizar Rayan was not a murderous terrorist leader who propelled others, including his own children, to violence against Israeli civilians in the name of Islam. He was a "man of the street."

He was not an idiot thug who called Israel an offense to God, but "on the streets of Gaza, where economic and social misery has boosted Hamas's reputation during the past five years, he was something of a hero. He was famed for fighting alongside his men and being seen with them publicly."

"And, he was not merely a fighter," coos the writer before moving onto Rayan's other alleged accomplishments.

To the Guardian, he was not a dangerous radical who used his knowledge of Islamic texts in the service of encouraging suicide bombers, but was "highly regarded as an Islamic academic."

He was not a racist militant who declared the day before he died: "Our only language with the Jew is through the gun."

Instead, he was a "political leader, born 6 March 1959; died 1 January 2009."

And, the Guardian is not merely involved in useful idiocy, but dangerous moral idiocy. Good luck, Britain.