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Perino Mocks Newsweek and Obama's Guantanamo Posturing in Farewell Breakfast with Reporters

11:23 AM, Jan 16, 2009 • By KEVIN VANCE
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Ahead of her final White House press briefing, press secretary Dana Perino spoke with reporters at a breakfast in Washington hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Perino said she's thinking about writing a book, though she promised it wouldn't be a "kiss and tell" because she "wasn't raised that way." Perino added that she hopes to hit the speaker circuit to talk up the accomplishments of the Bush administration.

One topic that Perino is considering writing about is Republican women. She thinks Republican women get a bad rap in the media and reminded reporters that Ann Coulter "doesn't represent Republican women." Perino blasted the treatment of Sarah Palin, especially by some women in Hollywood. "I don't know why women treat each other like that," she said.

Perino criticized a few trends she's noticed in media coverage of the presidency. "Why does everyone have to include the approval ratings of the president [in their reporting on the president]?" she wondered. She also mocked a certain news magazine for electing to offer more commentary when that's all it was offering already. While she thinks some of the "analysis" articles published in newspapers are genuine pieces of analysis, others are thinly veiled commentary, "a trend that's not necessarily good," she said.

The press secretary took a little dig at the incoming president for attacking Bush's policy on Guantanamo throughout the campaign. "All of a sudden, 'Gosh it's so complicated to close Guantanamo Bay,'" she said.

On Tuesday night, Perino will depart from Washington for a six-week trip with her husband that will include two weeks of volunteer work at a PEPFAR site in South Africa. PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS relief, will probably be remembered as one of the great achievements of his presidency.