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6:43 AM, Jan 26, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Obama's opportunity: "Over the next three decades, it was modern conservatism, led at the crucial moment by Ronald Reagan, that assumed the task of defending liberty with strength and confidence. Can a revived liberalism, faced with a new set of challenges, now pick up that mantle?"

Step one for getting around earmark ban: Just stop calling them earmarks.

So many reasons to like Kirsten Gillibrand, not least of which is that Maureen Dowd hates her.

Even McCain's not backing Obama's proposed stimulus. Give 'em hell, Mav!

Other moderate Republicans stay mute
, signaling a GOP consensus that a "yes" vote might not be good policy or good politics for 2010.

Karl does the campus circuit, facing women's studies majors and conspiracy theorists without fear.

The tax cheat and that guy who pardoned all those criminals and terrorists likely to be confirmed this week.

Reporting from Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are seeking a hard-earned victory
. Or, as Obama would call it, a "hard-earned peace."

Do you ever get the feeling David Paterson is just messing with all of us?

Obama: Hey, you know what the struggling auto industry needs? An expensive new mandate!

L.A. Times inching closer to commissioning "Obama as Michelangelo's David" replica.

Pelosi: You know what'll help the economy? Birth control.

25 People Behind the Meltdown. Oddly enough, not every single one of them is Republican, as the Obama campaign would have had you believe.

A Gaza post-mortem
as Hamas goes back to plotting the brave resistance and Israel's demise, this time from assorted lean-tos and shanties.

There's a reason I've loved Rick Schroeder since "Silver Spoons:"