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'I Reserve Right to Vote Against Stimulus,' Says Brave Taxpayer Hero...Diane Feinstein?

4:50 PM, Feb 6, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Do not mess with Diane Feinstein, people. She already sent a shot across the President's bow when she was not informed of Leon Panetta's nomination to CIA chief, knocking Barack's lack of communication and indirectly knocking Panetta's qualifications.

Then she broke with the rest of the Senate Democrats to support the seating of controversial Blogojevich appointee Roland Burris to Barack Obama's seat in the U.S. Senate, making fools of her preening colleagues by conceding that the Senate would have trouble lawfully obstructing Burris.

Now, she has declared on the Senate floor that she, a California Democrat, reserves the right to vote against a stimulus package if she believes it does not provide the jobs promised. All the Obama scare tactics and sharp new tone aren't exactly working the way he had planned. Obama's superimposition of bad-faith politicking on even good-faith skeptics of this bill seems to have made a rebel skeptic out of a very powerful Democrat. Badly played, sir:

Update: Allahpundit has the full video of the Feinstein comments, which make it clear she's complaining about too many tax cuts in the bill. I hereby revoke my facetious taxpayer hero title. For someone who thinks this thing is a stink bomb, however, it's nice to see a Democrat angered by the bill, even for the wrong reasons. This is going to be a rough road.