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Who's Politicizing?

10:26 AM, Feb 13, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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NBC's First Read:

Despite his gracious words at his press conference yesterday, Republican Judd Gregg's decision to withdraw his nomination to be Commerce secretary was a blow to the administration. One, it became the latest nomination problem for Obama (Daschle, Killefer, and Richardson), and the second one at Commerce. Two, it undermined the president's bipartisan outreach (Gregg would have been the third Republican to serve in the cabinet, and the one with the most conservative credentials). And three, it enabled Republicans to immediately politicize the withdrawal. House Minority Leader John Boehner issued a statement pointing to Gregg's concerns "about the congressional Democrats' trillion-dollar spending bill," even though Gregg had praised the stimulus after being tapped for the job. And RNC chair Michael Steele explained Gregg's withdrawal to FOX, saying that the White House was "basically high-jacking the Census process."

So the administration pulls the census into the White House and defers to Nancy Pelosi on the writing of the stimulus, but Republicans are politicizing the issue by pointing this out?