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Ed Rendell Has a Fast Car

1:20 PM, Mar 24, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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But is it fast enough so we can fly away?

As a political observer, there are so many reasons to love the red-faced walking comedy of errors that is Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. When he's not tripping up his own party by declaring his own constituents racist, he's throwing the left-wing blogosphere into paroxysms of rage by declaring Fox News fair and balanced.

And, if you think that's fun, wait 'til you catch him when he thinks no one's listening. Or, when he's so shamelessly demagogueing the economic suffering of his state for stimulus cash, that it's almost endearing:

My people are suffering. My people are hurting. They need that extra money. And right now that's paramount in my mind.

Then there was the time the governor's car was clocked doing 99 mph on a Pennsylvania highway. But no worries. Gov. Rendell assures us he wasn't driving that day, as he was no doubt involved in serious state business.

Nope, he was sportscasting that whole time,
his spokesman said.

God love him.