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Is the White House Using the Situation Room for Political Strategizing?

9:13 PM, Mar 16, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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A friend points out that it's odd that Democratic congressional candidate Scott Murphy said that he met with President Obama's political advisers in "the situation room" at the White House. The White House Situation Room is, of course, reserved for dealing with national security issues.

So is the White House seriously misusing the room for political bull sessions? Or does Scott Murphy not know what the Situation Room is?

Just to show Murphy in context, here is the transcript of the exchange during a Q&A at Bard College on Sunday:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Have you been in communication with President Obama?

MURPHY: So, one of the best moments of my life: I was going down to D.C. a week and a half ago. We were going down to raise some money. Only been twice, very quick, spending my time in the district, but we did go down. And the White House called the night before and said, "Why don't you come over. We'd like to talk to you about the race." It wasn't President Obama, but I spent an hour and a half in the situation room talking to their political advisers about the race and how they could be involved and what was going on, how they could be helpful. And that was amazing. Here's me, Scott Murphy in this room. Henry Kissinger's in the room next door pontificating about the world. And I'm thinking, ‘Wow this is a new level of involvement.' So I'm excited about that. It was a very special moment only to be bested by Thursday night in New York City when President Bill Clinton hosted a fundraiser on behalf of our campaign.