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Scholarships for Gazan Students, But Not For D.C.'s

11:00 AM, Mar 11, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Hillary Clinton announced this week a program that would give 25 "opportunity grants" for "promising but disadvantaged" Palestinians students to get good educations. The $1 million program would be added on top of the $900 million the State Department has already promised to rebuild Gaza.

When the funding for "opportunity grants" comes up for approval in Congress, I can only assume that Sen. Dick Durbin will be as concerned about who pays for them as he was yesterday about who foots the bill for the Washington Opportunity Scholarship for D.C.'s promising but disadvantaged students.

I'm sure he'll think to himself:

I have no prejudice against private education. If I entrusted my children to it, I certainly believe in it. But the question always came up in my mind: Who should pay for it?

And, if not, I look forward to his explanation of why American taxpayers should pay for Gazan student opportunities, but the children of D.C. should go without, even though the Congress actually has constitutional authority over the District's budget.