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5:48 PM, Apr 6, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Jackson Diehl asks if Obama is pragmatic or just weak.

TNR's Sahil Mahtani assembles some Nork propaganda giving us our sentence of the day:

"Saying that our army, which is playing a key and leading role in kindling the flame of a great revolutionary upswing, is performing miracles and exploits--which surprise the peoples of the world--on every socialist construction site today, Comrade Kim Jong Il added that we are optimistic about the victory of a powerful state, because there is the reliable backing of such a great, powerful unit for which nothing is impossible."

Obama takes responsibility for the financial crisis in the same breath as he blames the whole thing on Bush.

The U.S. military used to prepare to fight two wars at once -- now it can't even train to fight two different kinds of wars.

Rangers fans "wildly cheer" as Bush throws out the first pitch.

Dave Weigel gets some great photos from Real America.