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4:46 PM, Apr 7, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The champion of climate change realists blasts the Obama administration for cutting the defense budget in a time of war, which amounts in his words to "a budget to disarm America." Inhofe makes clear that he'll be using his seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee to push back on the announced cuts -- that "Congress cannot, and must not simply go along...and I will work with the House and Senate Armed Services Committees to stop these cuts."

The video was made in Afghanistan and is accompanied on Inhofe's website by an equally hard-hitting blog post:

President Obama's budget, the largest in the history of America, triples the public debt in 10 years, funding every welfare program imaginable, but cuts funding for our troops in the field during an ongoing war.

Here in Afghanistan, while the war is intensifying and the number of US forces increases at the direction of President Obama, he undercuts those he sends into harm's way. It is not just unbelievable…it is unconscionable.

Only Congress can stop him from these draconian defense cuts. His budget is expanding the welfare state, gutting the defense modernization, and jeopardizing our national security - all while our troops are here fighting for us.