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Murphy Pulls Ahead of Tedisco

5:01 PM, Apr 16, 2009 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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It's starting to look as if yet another Republican candidate has won the vote counting on election night, only to fall behind as absentee and other ballots are counted:

This morning, the state elections board, updated its numbers and now shows Murphy widening his lead to 167 votes (79,404 to 79,237) over Republican Jim Tedisco (as of 10:00 am ET).

Tedisco's biggest potential arrow was Saratoga County, which he won by almost 5,000 votes. But Saratoga is completely done counting absentees as well as those overseas and military ballots. All that's left are challenged ballots. As has been reported, Tedisco has challenged far more ballots than Murphy. Translation: Plainly, there are likely more Murphy ballots out there than Tedisco ones.

Not content at having the lead at this point in the count, Democrats are already pressing Tedisco to concede:

Democrats, by contrast, have begun to apply pressure to wrap things up.

"Jim, you lost. Be a good loser," said Tom Poelker, chairman of the Greene County Democratic Party. "With the Saratoga votes in, there's no way in hell he can overcome that."

"I think it's all but over, and if Tedisco would think about the people and the full constituency regardless of their political persuasion, to stop this ridiculous challenge," he said.

Is it too much to ask to wait until all the votes are counted?