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The Scene at Durban II, Cont'd

7:40 PM, Apr 21, 2009 • By JAMIE WEINSTEIN
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On the first day of the Durban II Conference, I interviewed a member of the Cuban delegation to the conference about human rights. Here are a couple of the excerpts. A link to the full interview is below.

Jamie Weinstein (JW): Do you think they should have exchange of ideas in Cuba? Do you think they should open up the press?...

Cuban Rep (CR): Yea, yea. All the time. We are open to, because we have to improve our difficulties…

He then backtracks and claims the U.S. media was controlled by President Bush.

Towards the end of the interview I ask him what policy differences he has with Fidel Castro.

JW: What are the polices that you think Fidel Castro, during you life time, has done that are negative? You might agree with him mainly, but give me a few of his negative polices.

CR: Negative polices?

JW: Yea

CR: [Unintelligible]

JW: About Fidel Castro.

CR: I cannot tell you.

JW: You can't think of any. [Sarcastically] He's just that good.

CR: [Serious] He's good. [...]

JW: You're telling me you cannot think of any difference? Is that right?

CR: I don't have any difference.

You can watch the entire interview here (part 1) and here (part 2).