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How You Know You're Winning

4:02 PM, May 7, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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When the best the left can come up with in response to the growing opposition to closing Gitmo and moving the terrorist to a neighborhood near you is the absurd suggestion that the GOP is, by extension, disparaging corrections officers...


Why do Republicans think that Americans can't do their jobs?

Today, John Boehner and the Republican House leadership are introducing legislation to keep Guantanamo detainees from being transferred to facilities in the United States. They claim that this serves American security. But the reality is that our criminal justice system has a long history of holding hardened terrorists successfully, including the perpetrator of the first World Trade Center attacks, numerous 9/11 conspirators, the Shoe Bomber and Timothy McVeigh. The men and women who serve their country by working at these facilities are ready and eager to do their jobs - and they have the confidence of the communities that depend economically on prison facilities. But John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and other Republicans in Congress continue to claim that the men and women who run our prisons and help keep America safe can't do their jobs.

Put this together with the ludicrous statement from Rep. Adam Schiff (below) and it seems clear that the White House has failed to provide political guidance on this issue. No one on the left knows quite what to say or do in response to the steadily increasing attacks from the GOP, because no one knows quite what the White House is going to do with the detainees at Gitmo. This is why Reid is demanding specifics from the White House before allocating any funding. The fear is that even the White House doesn't quite know what do, but that didn't stop the president from signing the order to close Gitmo and patting himself on the back for his bold decision to reject the false choice between our security and his ideals.