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The Keep Terrorists Out of America Act

3:21 PM, May 7, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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It's a great name for a bill, and it will make great fodder for 2010 campaign ads -- who wants to be the guy who voted against keeping terrorists out of America? The bill was announced at a press conference this morning with the ranking members of each House committee present. It would require the President to get the consent of both the governor and state legislature before moving terrorists now being held at Gitmo to any U.S. state.

Here's a clip of Rep. Pete Hoekstra at the presser this morning explaining to a particularly thick reporter why the threat posed by al Qaeda detainees is different, and far more serious, that that posed by German prisoners of war. As Hoekstra explains, the Germans didn't kill three thousand American civilians as they went to work. In fact, one is struck by the degree to which German POWs were considered harmless. They were allowed to work among civilians, helping with all kinds of manual labor. Does anyone imagine that al Qaeda detainees will be allowed to do road work?