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Yellow Bunch

5:07 PM, May 12, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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There's a mild controversy in Philadelphia where Will Bunch, a leftist scourge at the Daily News is attacking the Inquirer for its hiring of John Yoo as a once-a-month columnist on its op-ed page. This move has pushed Bunch into hysterics, prompting him to demand that "Last Sunday's column by Yoo should also be his last, period."

Fair enough. But if Yoo's presence at the paper is really such an affront, shouldn't Bunch resign in protest? If only he had the courage of his convictions, but Bunch won't risk his own position to protest against "torture," like Nancy Pelosi he's encouraging others to write letters (out of respect for proper channels, I'm sure).

Elsewhere in his rant, Bunch charges that Yoo's hiring is part of the Inquirer's "increasingly rightward-tilting lineup." This claim is laughable on its face.

The Inquirer gets conservative op-ed columns from Yoo (once a month), Rick Santorum (every two weeks) and Kevin Ferris (who had been writing his column, "Back Channels," once a week before it was disappeared from the paper's website; it hasn't appeared in weeks). That's either three or seven conservative columns a month.

On the liberal side of the ledger, the Inquirer runs lefties Trudy Rubin (twice a week), Dick Polman (every two weeks), George Curry (every two weeks), Harold Jackson (every two weeks or so), Mark Bowden (once a week), and Michael Smerconish, a "conservative" who endorsed and frequently defends Barack Obama (once a week). That's about 22 liberal columns in a month. And none of that includes the daily offerings of ultra-liberal cartoonist Tony Auth. Or the orthodox liberal/Democratic editorials.

But if this arrangement really is "increasingly rightward-tilting," then Bunch should jump ship now, rather than be a pawn in the Inquirer's plan to further subvert America's great traditions. The Huffington Post would be happy to have him.