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Carlos Slim vs. Michael Bloomberg, Part 57

11:13 AM, Jun 9, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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What does Carlos Slim have against Michael Bloomberg anyway? The New York Times did all it could to boost the mayoral candidacy of Anthony Weiner, but it wasn't enough and Weiner opted not to run. Now the Times has moved on to boosting city comptroller William C. Thompson Jr., this time with with a very creative interpretation of their own polling data. The Times survey is neither a poll of registered or likely voters -- it's just a poll of New Yorkers. And the paper did not test a head to head horserace, perhaps because even these inflated negatives would still have shown a massive lead for the incumbent. The poll's findings are vastly different from another NY1 poll conducted just two weeks ago, which found Bloomberg with approval ratings of over 60 percent, double digit leads over his opponent, and with roughly half the electorate supporting his re-election.

The Times says "few surveyed have a lot of confidence in Mr. Bloomberg's ability to lead the city out of the recession." But according to their poll, 64 percent have confidence that Bloomberg can bring new jobs to New York and the Mayor's job approval is 60 percent. More than twice as many say the quality of life has gotten better under Bloomberg than gotten worse (37 percent/17 percent) and people think crime has decreased (36 percent decreased/13 percent increase).

Using the New York Times absurd scale, Obama only got a 14 percent rating on the economy 7 weeks ago -- at 20 percent the mayor is doing substantially better (nearly 50 percent better in fact). The problem for the Times is that nearly 3 in 4 New Yorkers (72 percent) don't know enough about Bill Thompson to even have an opinion about him -- less than 5 months before the election -- and so the Times will have to work overtime for his campaign if they're to make this anything like a fair fight.

Exit question: how would Carlos Slim benefit from the fall of Mike Bloomberg?