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Convicted Car Bomber and Likely Murderer Transferred from Gitmo to Saudi Arabia

9:00 PM, Jun 12, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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That may explain why Zuhair, who has had multiple disciplinary problems at Gitmo, has been on a hunger strike for years. He is the type of committed jihadist who will do anything to defy the infidel U.S.

The Department of Justice says that Zuhair's transfer took place "under appropriate security measures." The DOJ reports:

All individuals transferred to Saudi Arabia are subject to judicial review in Saudi Arabia before they undergo a rehabilitation program. While in a rehabilitation program, they will be under the control of the Saudi Government. The U.S. and Saudi Governments are working closely together on all matters related to the transfer of Saudi detainees from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia.

But the Saudi rehabilitation program recently returned at least eleven former Gitmo detainees back into al Qaeda's ranks. The program is not nearly as effective as was once claimed. And if the plan is for Zuhair to enter the program, then there are good reasons for concern.

Zuhair long ago set down his violent path. There is no reason to think that the Saudis can change his mind. And during his terror spree in Bosnia he and his co-conspirators were definitely tied to the Saudi High Commission, a charity with deep ties inside both the Kingdom and al Qaeda.

The DOJ's press release notes that Zuhair was approved for transfer by the Bush administration. But, of course, he wasn't transferred under the Bush administration, which made its own mistakes in transferring detainees. And, of course, a mistake by the Bush administration does not justify a mistake by the Obama administration.