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Nominee for Army's Top Lawyer, Tied to Fannie Mae, Withdraws

8:25 PM, Jun 12, 2009 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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CQ's Josh Rogin reports:

President Obama's choice to be general counsel of the Army, Donald M. Remy, withdrew his nomination late Friday.

In a June 12 letter to the president, obtained by Congressional Quarterly, Remy gave no specific reason for his withdrawal but thanked Obama for the opportunity to serve the public and the military.

"I am honored by your confidence in my ability to deal with the critical issues that face our soldiers and their families and I was looking forward to serving in this time of great national crisis," Remy wrote. "Regretfully, I have decided to remove my name from consideration for this position."

Remy came under fire from the Senate Armed Services Committee for what critics called a lack of candor for omitting the name of his former employer - the troubled mortgage giant Fannie Mae - from a document submitted as part of his nomination process.

The work history noted he worked at a "major U.S. company." Remy has called the omission an oversight.

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