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Report: ISNA Gave $100K to Terrorist Front Group

2:15 PM, Jun 24, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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That is just the tip of the iceberg. TWRA had ties to al Qaeda members and supporters the world over. Kohlmann notes that Osama bin Laden was suspected of donating "large sums of money" to TWRA to fund the jihad in Bosnia. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, whose jihadists executed the World Trade Center bombing and organized the follow-on landmarks plot, was caught on tape talking to TWRA officials. TWRA "volunteered to spread" Rahman's message and sell the Blind Sheikh's "militant videotapes and sermons in mosques throughout Europe," Kohlmann reported.

There's more, of course. But it would take pages to summarize TWRA's international jihadist activities, from transiting terrorists around the globe to arranging for massive arms shipments. In addition to Kohlmann's book, TWRA's violent legacy, including ties to al Qaeda, are spelled out in elaborate detail by John Schindler in his book, Unholy Terror. Schindler was formerly one of the NSA's top analysts on the Balkans. He includes pages of details on TWRA's terrorist activities.

This is the organization that ISNA financially supported. In turn, the DOJ believes it should work with ISNA for some unknown reason.

As Rubin asks: "what is the Justice Department doing soliciting employees through the Justice Department email system to attend a convention at which ISNA can propagate its views?"