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10:22 AM, Jun 2, 2009 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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All your cars are belong to us.

"Why should Israel make new agreements with Obama immediately after he established the precedent that they might be unilaterally discarded at a moment's notice?" In the preceding sentence, please feel free to play fill-in-the-blank, replacing "Israel" with "liberal voters," "moderate voters," "creditors," "investors," "lenders," etc.

Naivete, thy name is Obama.

67 percent disapprove of auto bailouts. Americans now oppose closing Gitmo, 40-18 percent. That Obama, such a charmer. And, Cheney, so abrasive.

Obama went to Chicago to beg the Rev. Wright not to go on his publicity tour during the election.

Oddly enough, the media not going ballistic over prime-time "Day in the Life" documentary on Obama, like they did when it was about Bush.

Keep it classy: Politico links vile Playboy ranking of conservative pundits approvingly, has to apologize.

Dear liberals, it's not fair to casually call people racist.

Remember Estrada.

Sotomayor, in her own words.