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Barack Hussein Obama Park

5:20 PM, Jul 14, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The Washington Post reports:

Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) introduced a resolution today to rename Girard Park in Columbia Heights "Barack Hussein Obama Park."

The recent renovated park, located at 14th Street and Girard, features a basketball court and play equipment.

"The park is a jewel," Graham said. "I think the overwhelming point of view that has been expressed is that park should be renamed in honor of our president."...

But in recognizing Columbia Heights's diversity, Graham stressed that Obama's middle name also would be included in the park's name. (During the campaign, Obama shied away from highlighting his middle name, but he used it when he was sworn in).

Isn't this a little beneath the dignity of a president who single-handedly reshaped America's relationship with the Muslim world. This is the man who refused to meddle in the internal affairs of a police state like Iran and thus spared democracy activists the humiliation of being portrayed as stooges of the United States. This is the president who saved Detroit for at least another three months or so and saved or created literally countless jobs. All Reagan did was win the Cold War and they still gave him an airport. It just seems a little insulting for the District to throw the President's name on a basketball court.