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Clinton: "100 Percent Committed"

10:30 AM, Jul 17, 2009 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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"The president, and certainly I and our entire administration, are 100 percent committed to the closure of Guantanamo and to proceeding with the transfer of those who can be transferred, the trial of those who can be tried, and the continuing detention of those who pose a grave threat," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday.

Whenever a politician says he's (or she's) 100 percent (or "1000 percent") committed to anything, it's a good sign it's not going to happen. Ever since George McGovern proclaimed in 1972 that he was "1000 percent" behind his original running mate, Thomas Eagleton, and soon after dumped him from the ticket, the 100 percent/1000 percent formulation has been a sign of a U-turn to come.

Hillary Clinton may not fully realize her administration is going to have to reverse itself. But I think she's (subconsciously?) signaling she doesn't really expect Guantanamo to be closed. And by saying that President Obama (don't be fooled by her hastening to add, "and certainly I and our entire administration") is 100 percent committed to closure, she seems to be doing her bit to call a little more attention to her 2008 rival's forthcoming failure.