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Corzine's Report Card

2:40 PM, Jul 21, 2009 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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The latest Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll continues to show a large number of Garden State residents unhappy with the second term of Governor Jon Corzine, giving him a C- rating and a 37 percent approval. Forty-nine percent of those polled disapprove of his performance. He also trails his Republican rival Christopher Christie by 8 percentage points with less than four months to go before election day.

As the poll explains: "With only six months left in his term, few voters feel that Jon Corzine has accomplished much during his time in Trenton. Only 13 percent say that he has major accomplishments to point to, while 49 percent say he has minor accomplishments. Another 34 percent say that he has no real accomplishments. Even among his fellow Democrats, only 23 percent feel that Corzine has achieved major accomplishments as governor. They are joined by just 9 percent of Republicans and 7 percent of independents who feel the same."

But you wonder exactly how they feel and what they tell the pollsters on the phone-particularly in my home state: I was reminded of a Republican strategist friend who once ran a New Jersey focus group. The question had to do with grading then-Governor Donald DiFrancesco. My friend picked a man in the audience and asked him what he thought of the acting governor. Ever so eloquently, the New Jerseyan replied: "Donnie D doesn't know s--- about f---!"